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“The deeper you go, its your own development. But if a group delves, then only change can happen.” – His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji (Oct 28, 2012) Darshan Talks.

There is no Unconditional or Conditional Love

Dear Prabhu ji
Please accept my love and respects at your lotus feet. Your unconditionally love that I feel every moment… in front of that I realise my own love for you and Lord Baal is far far less or should I say continual… Prabhu ji, what makes you love me and all of us unconditionally…. and continuously… I am not sure if I can ask this question… but I want to say I have only love in my heart when I ask this question to you.

Bringing a child to realise true purpose of its Life

Pranam Maitreya Prabhu Ji.

A humble question. I saw a snippet from one of your discourses on the ‘ Purpose of Life’ where you talk about how every child is born with a purpose.

You have beautifully explained how with the conditions of the society the child grows to be confused and frustrated. I wanted to know how one can bring up the child so that it realises its true purpose in life without being influenced by the conditions of the parents and the society.

Guru Gita

Jai Maitreya ,
Lecture : Guru Gita
Date : 16-05-1999 to 28-05-1999
We have learned that Guru’s talks and disciples listen, many times Maitreya  used to have reverse option where the queries used to come from the Maitreya  and it was not easy to answer them. I am sharing such a moment between His Holiness SatMaitreya  ji and His Divine Self Swami Poornananda ji(Swami ji)
Question asked by Maitreya  : ” Purna can you tell me the best way to kill a Guru?”

Divine Revelation 1

Jai Gurudev ,
Talk: Revelation #1
Date : 20-07-1997 to 24-07-1997
We were all blessed to hear Maitreya  talking on the Divine Revelation that was bestowed for the benefit of humanity through the Divine. I am sharing this very interesting even that happened on the last day.
One of the person who used to visit the revelation talk on the last day said one thing that really made surprised he said “Maitreya , I had been listening to you for last four days. To tell you the truth I know your Guru and even Mahababa as you call him. I have been talking to him for four days and even my son who is four years does that as I had been talking about your program to my family also. So what is so great about it.”
Maitreya  ji politely replied “It is so nice that you are blessed to meet him and even your son talks to him. I would be more interested to know what does your son talk about to Baba?”

Divine Consciousness

The Ethereal Flower

Divine Consciousness

Like a hummingbird in the morning

Floating over the winds of dream

Fragrance of rose so enticing

Thou heart I know

Sucking the sweet nectar I live

Ablaze with whirling galaxy

Powered by thy grace I dance

Furious fluttering brings sparks

Drunk am I in thy nectar

Swooning as I press the slender beak

Path of Mystique by Maitreya

Being the Self one sees not

Giver of self receives not

Knowing the self holds not

Selfless in nature one resides

Selfless in nature he merges

Merging to emerge is nature

Submerging in nature is truth

Being the nature of One is Truth


The world today is going through a dynamic change within which is greatly visible externally and this change has greater impact when the truth lies somewhere within the beings who are involved for the change to happen.

9 Eternal Points of Divinity by Maitreya

1. Mystical is Reality

Knower of the now

Is unknown to the knower

For the one who knows is now

Whatever is known till date is just an expression of truth, known by the one who was able to realise the truth in the pure manner. This truth expressed in any human manner leads to a limitation for the truth is simply inexpressible, incomprehensible, immeasurable, infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. The dynamic silence which permeates through the whole of the essence of revelation is such that it cannot be comprehended and remains a mystery with a expression of eternal relationship.  Even the words which you read now are an expression which has been expressed through the concept of action and reaction leading to nothingness. This nothingness once known and accepted cannot be expressed for it bestows receiver the sublime joy and bliss that is beyond the limited expression of the possessor

Get others to Learn


Bestowing knowledge and wisdom is crucial for every single human being for knowledge leads one from darkness to light, from ignorance to the path of knowledge and from the path of knowledge to the path of wisdom.

A moment with God Himself

Dear Devotees of His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayanandaji


I am Silvia  and we had recently gone through a huge tragedy of losing our daughter Anne she was studying for her Medicine. Though it happened nearly 6 months back yet the injustice of nature we could not bear and it took away our faith in God. Nikki is a dear friend of mine and she knows how happily we lived and we used to feel that nothing could change all that but then it happened and in a moment of rush she was snatched away from us. A body that came from me became a memory which was so ghastly that we could not sleep for weeks.

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