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SHAMÀYIM Cosmic Heaven on Earth



Cosmic Heaven on Earth
September 21, 2013

Invitation and Message to Households
Divine Spirits of Energy

The construction work of the beautiful SHAMÀYIM-Cosmic Heaven on Earth is nearing completion. Way back in 1983, what began as a journey of unraveling a mystical and highly Divine vision and dream led to this time and space, the place selected by Divine Cosmic Light (Vaga Isā) is SHAMÀYIM having its origin lost in the sand dunes of time and space
A land of light beings and followers of light this path is the central core that follows the four path of knowledge(Hayka), awareness(svest), wisdom(vishe)and Infinite Light(lus). Vaga (Holy) Isābaál is the source of the energy that connects us all to the body(masa), mind(aru) and spirit (ya)
The day September 21 holds great significance for ‘Avasi Adva’, it is a day of thanking Divine for food as per the sổ (Book) of(al) Ba giới män(universal Spark)
Cem én deň vita kor iga boğa
brama Al petak kavas grbhi sara
mā yā ver Ilā nu oko meler kos
dukk kala Bailāh anadi pratidukk
Hundred(cem) one(én) days(deň) of life(vita) age(kor) of Taurus (boğa)
Gate(brama) of Divine(Al) opens (Kavas) on Petak(Friday) holding(grbhi) nectar(sara)
Not(mā) that(yā) showed (ver) light(Ilā) to naked(nu) eye(oko) merging(meler) into Aries(kos)
Emerging(dukk) in pisces(kala) for true creation(Bailāh) for eternity (anadi) re-emergence(pratidukk)
Age of Taurus is considered to be 4800-2500 BCE after which of Age of Aries came between 2500-beginning of this era. The current period is considered to be Age of Pisces. The door(brama) remains open for four days during which the equinox happens from the age of Leo (11500 BCE – 8500 BCE) to Age of Gemini (6700 BCE to 4800 BCE) in that phase of time and space the eternal Spark was a sparkle of the space that connected at the levels of consciousness through thoughts and only Vaga(Holy) Ea was followed by 744 lus el (Shining stars, Cosmic sparks) were in communion with.
In remembrance of the day when the eternal spark (Ba) became visible to naked eyes it is being honoured as a day of Days of thanking Divine for food(BaMat), for this food is for the body, mind and soul.
I can only thank Divine for allowing me to write these words, relevance, value, respect and reverence is something personal and cannot be put in terms of queries it is acceptance and spreading.
We invite you and your family with love and prayers to SHAMÀYIM-Cosmic Heaven on Earth at Keezhveeranam, on the sacred occasion of the Days of thanking Divine for food(BaMat), on September 21, 2013.

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