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Shanti (Peace)
– by His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji

Duality in life> Restlessness> Discontentment>Hatred and Fear

Duality is the life we all lead. This duality creates a sense of restlessness in a
person. This leads to a state of discontentment, which is the cause for all the
emotional activities that our mind creates in every event of life. Small events
become the source of outbursts of hatred, anger, sadness, depression, tears and
lead to trauma. This creates a sense of fear and the person shuts himself in a
cocoon. He fears everything and everyone. He starts building a conditioned
lifestyle that is so unique to himself that he starts feeling there is no one in the
world who suffers more than him.
Imagine a world filled with such people and everyone crying for peace. They look
for every event that transpires to prove that peace exists. They look at pictures of
Saints and Sages, start worshipping their calmness in the feeling that they too
shall get peace. They also go to various saints, sages and teachers to learn the art
of peace. But they fail to realize that externally nothing can be found. Only the
moment they are able to be still and are able to delve within that they find the
peace and harmony. People talk about meditation with a notion that it is about
sitting idle. Yes. The difference being that meditation is actually an art that is
simple yet most difficult to be able sit and do nothing.
A simple way to start meditation process is to sit comfortably and silently in
a room for one or two hours daily. There should be absolute silence in the
room. It is possible that the first few days it will be uncomfortable when one
is distracted with bodily itching, wavering of thoughts, stiffness of joints. But
make sure that you do not move your body during the period. If the mind
wanders, allow it to do so. Do not stop anything – if itching happens, scratch,
stiffness should be borne. But in all the cases, be very slow in moving the
body. Let the movements be like that of a snail. Bring the awareness to the
event that has made the body make the movement. Once the event is over,
become silent in thoughts until the occurrence of another event. For example
if you want to scratch, move the hand very slowly to the spot. Let not the
movement make any other body part to move. Scratch the spot and slowly
bring the hand back to its original position.
This practice is the basis for allowing the person to become a Sadhaka
(seeker). Unless you have perfection in this simple yet powerful technique,
all the other techniques will become superfluous. Practicing any technique
without basic preparation shall give you some pleasure and experience only
for a short period of time because then the mind will get unattached with the
technique itself. This makes you look for more avenues and techniques for
getting the satisfaction. This technique if perfected makes you calm and
quiet resolving all the problem areas in the body and mind.
Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti Aum
Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti Aum
Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti Aum

H.H Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji’s Soul Searchers – The Hidden Mysteries of Kundalini NEW EDITION

MAy 28, 2014 - Kundalini book new editionMAy 28, 2014 - 01 - Kundalini book new edition

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Introduction – Breath The Magic of Life

May 23, 2014


Even before one knows the depth of Prana (Life force) one has to realize the depths of the self to connect to the Prana within. The prana one is aware of  is about gross inhaling and exhaling. One need to know greater depths about the Prana that expands and connects each one of us in a greater level within the gross levels of Prana that circulates within the body.

The Prana we are talking about is the Dynamic level of Prana that allows one to connect to the Prana essence within the Body, Mind and Spirit essence of an individual. There are forty one levels of Prana that connects the body to the Conscious Spirit within, this expansive mode of Prana is emerging from the Body level, connecting with the Mind level and expanding with the Spirit level.

Merging of Body, Mind and Spirit

This force of joining is called Yuj(युज्), a point wherein the Body, Mind and Spirit merges and then expands at the conscious levels.

This is the point wherein one connects to the consciousness within the realm of body at five basic levels, held in place by five basic levels of mind consciousness allowing one to connect to the first level of spirit consciousness.

Gaining this point to begin with is only possible through the awareness and awakening of the body, mind and spirit at the second level of awareness of consciousness Prana. One has to become subtle to serve the Prana and no other material medium will provide one with the opportunity to connect to the Point of YUJ.

It is this point of awareness YUJ that has come to be known popularly as YOGA wherein another two words came into being Samadh(समद)meaning one who is intoxicated and another Khaja(खज) meaning churning stick, represented by the Spinal Cord (पृष्ठास्थि). When Samadh and Khaj merged with Yuj it emerged as Yoga.

One has to realize the true source of Yoga, not just the physical aspect of Asana and Kriya but the subtle way of its connection to the consciousness.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

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Soul Searchers-The Art of Breathing

True Seeker

The true seeker sincerely walks on the way shown by the Guru and functions in the world with the understanding that the spark is within him and the same Divine spark is there within all the creation. Though in the beginning the belief will be on a shaky ground, slowly the faith emerges and strengthens the belief of the Spark within. This spiritual awakening allows one to serve, help, and be kind to all life forces within the universe. This is a way of worship, a worship of the light within that creates the same light within other life forms. The light one carries is the force that connects one a spiritual as well as a life filled with compassion and kindness. Light within makes one of a Spirit form while the serving makes one gain a form, these two are not against each other but they work towards making one complete in all ways. ~ His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji

Brown or White for you? Choose ‘Healthy’

People love to eat polished rice, it is smooth, long and shining. But with the polishing one loses the Vitamin B1 or Thiamine content that the outer bran consists.
Over a period of time, one who uses such polished rice shall have bowel problems, intestine damage, heart problems, skin issues and paralysis.
Try having brown rice for it consists of bran and is quite helpful in the secretion of balanced juices in stomach for digestion of food. If not frequently one can have it for atleast 30/60 days in a year this can allow one to truly balance the juices within the body allowing the Pitta Dosha and Kapha Dosha to get balanced. ~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Mother’s Day

Modern world is unique in many ways. It has truly short term memory and shorter emotional relationship. Modern world runs in Days – Valentine’s day, Father’s day, Friendship day, Mother’s day.

Strange is the way truly for all emotional, love, sweet memories and changes in life have vanished when one limits the time in one day. the day in itself.

All the emotional, love and sweet memories of life brings us to a higher platform of evolution wherein we continuously change, expand and become what we are personally, emotionally, professional and spiritually.

The source being the origin of this body that emerges first time in a thought, a thought that grew with every passing day. The thought emerges not in one person but two people who through a physical relationship of love, affection, care and protection make the thought to become a reality.

The same relationship emerges in the heart of the owner of the womb that flows like an infinite ocean for the small foetus to grow. The moment this flow happens the lady becomes a Mother and the man becomes a Father. This union of mind brings forth the needed light for the lump of growing flesh within the womb to become a child. A spark in the eyes of the Mother and Father, where the Mother evolves from Heart and Father matures in Mind.

With more and more maturity of mind the Father’s heart connection remains at the gross level while the deeper connection of heart is overshadowed by the mature expression.

The subtle vibrations that the child within keeps the Mother more and more in connection with the child for it is this expression that brings forth the emotional and mental attachment to the child which is expressed throughout the life of the Mother from heart whenever the Child goes through a problematic situation. It is this heart consciousness even at the grossest level that is purely spiritual and related to a consciousness that is a combination of heart and mind called Mānāsa.

It is this connection of Mānāsa that gives her the status of Divinity within the realm of hearts and she radiates the essence of pure love that very few can truly relate to or understand. Those children who can relate to this love can truly find heaven at her feet, food cooked by her will have the essence of a Divinity making her Annapürna.

Today children have gone far more gross and thus they cannot relate easily to the love of Mother, they feel that they are unique and they have every freewill but they forget that the essence they are is nothing short of a miracle.

For they were thought much before they were born, their essence to be here was a thought even much before the parents and the core within was held in time and space to emerge here by those who believed that the moment such a spirit emerged in a time and space it shall have a greater connection with the purpose of life.

Since the children today are incapable to relate to such a concept that defies time and space they feel that parents are nothing short of a burden when they get married, forgetting the very fact that they too would become parents and they too would become old. Money, career, profession and individuality selfish concept has led to nuclear family and these nuclear families further lead to eliminate the role of elders in life and lifestyle of a person.

It is very much this reason that one sees so many Old Age homes coming up in recent times throughout India and the expanse is seen even at village levels. Further more in my life I have seen elderly parents being forced to live a life of beggary or were forced into situations where they have to transfer the property rights to children.

Such souls and modernity do not have a right to celebrate any day for that is completely hoax and fake, those souls who have lived a life for fulfilling the love and affection of parents in true manner will not require a day for celebration but each day and moment shall be a day that makes their souls relate, connect and expand and be there for every moment of time.

Hundreds of dew drops fill my Loving heart

Millions of waves rise and fall in my heart

A moment with her filled my life forever

My breath knew her warmth before my birth

My heart knew her flowing love and affection

My blood is my life and she blossomed life in me

My consciousness, my whole essence within her

My way, My blessing all have no value without her

Do I need to know the God they tell or speak?

Knowing her is enough for me, for she is God for me

In the darkest path I see the light she shows me

Gods show haughtiness, she only showers me with love

In her lap I feel protected, I feel safer than anywhere

All tears in life vanished with her love and care

A walk with her, A moment with her, is all I need

A life begins with her, A Life grows with her

A life see’s the light and knows no bound with her

Holding me in her fragile hands she walks with me

Humbled am I to have Mothers who have blessed me

Fake one’s ran away with fear when time of test came

Mother’s who loved, cared, and trusted me was there

Walked through a worst period in my life and I know

I know, it was grace of Divine and Love of Mother

Allowing me to see the dawn again after the darkness

Their blessing and love is all I need forever and ever

~Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Ananth Yoga Dhyan workshop May 16-17-18, 2014

Ananth Yoga (TM) Dhyan Level 1 workshop Bangalore

Ananth Yoga ™ Dhyan works on the core of you, working on the Body, Mind, Heart and Soul levels.

A wholesome and lifelong effective way enable to shed the layers of problems the Self faces to allow the True Self to emerge from within.

A way shown by His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji for everyone to go deep to know that Life can be lived better and one can find their peace from medicines, office problems, problems at home and problems of the self.

The 18 hr course is spread over 3 days or over 6 days. The kriya  encompasses the principles of Patanjali’s Ashtanga yoga. A simple 4 step process works at the core chakras. The journey starts with receiving the blessings of the Guru and the Lineage through the ancient diksha process and the learning begins from the desire to learn

Batch: 16,17 18 May 2014
Venue:155, Fern City, Behind Bhagini Restaurant, Doddanakundi, Outer ring road, Marathahalli, Bangalore
Start:Fri,16 May 2014 16:00 End:Sun,18 May 2014 16:30


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His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji “Faith is an individual process of evolution, it is not held in place by individuals but the trust of self with the self. The whole world may go against your faith, but it is your faith that makes the world see the truth they never knew. Those who walk on the path of faith bring a reality, a truth, a way, a mystical process that is for this time, this moment and those who are there are able to find it, know it, realize it and are awakened to the source of it.”

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