A Living Guru


A Devotee “Over the last few years people have started believing in Saints and Sages like Shirdi Sai Baba and Satya Sai Baba? Can one truly gain realization by believing in them for they seem to fulfill wishes of many of people? Are they Gods?”

His Holiness ” A saint is a saint is a saint, he cannot be categorized. God He may be, like you and me He may be God, He still remains a human and like humans He too has limitations and conditions of being unconditional or being conditional. The Gods you believe in too are Saints of various orders, for all of them are included within us. There conditions are our conditions and we hold the conditions based on our caste, creed, colour and religion. Remove the conditions and you shall find that the Gods have vanished, even you have vanished, what remains is a emptiness, this emptiness is dynamic and powerful for it is the essence of Maya or Illusion. It is this essence that has truly created havoc in everyone lives. Shatter this emptiness and you see the Bright Light of Truth, this is the realization everyone seeks.
How do you begin, you begin with a living Master or a True Disciple of a Master for He knows His way of reaching the truth. Do not follow those who make stories, or make believe miracles, follow the one who can show the way to Him, the one who has shown the Master or Disciple the Truth. Believe in One and have ultimate faith in One supreme power having million names and millions of forms of formlessness, through the path shown by one who knows. It is truly a rare thing to gain a Master, a Satguru, if one finds such a divinely awakened soul, follow the path, do not jump into conclusions for then you shall lose it. Do not seek, for a Master can fulfill it, for that you have to be there in that very moment of the true seeking. Seeking itself is a prayer which happens when you are truly hungry to the core, it is not a passé it is a life force you are dealing with, rest all sporadic seeking is a waste in true form. True seeking changes you for the Master fulfills it, it cannot be one way, you have to have a living Master for that. It cannot happen because of your chanting His names or going to His temple, His place, it shall happen when your yearning within is true and He comes in a living form through a medium or if He is alive He shall come.
Realization is seldom sought, material wishes is what majority of people seek, it can be gained by having belief in oneself faith in the Master. “

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