Akshara Prakalpa

Guruji with kidsHis Holiness with children at Keezhveeranam, Tamil Nadu

Akshara Prakalpa is a social endeavor of Soul Searchers guided by our Master His Holiness Shri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji. Akshara Prakalp works with children touching their very core and helps them blossom to become better and conscious Citizens in a fast developing world.

His Holiness Shri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji says, “Children are the source of the eternal light.  The only thing required is to light the source and see the whole world getting lighted up.”

Akshara Prakalpa is a wholesome and unique program developed specifically for underprivileged children.

The program works by focusing on the child along with the family and the community they are nurtured in towards providing holistic training program for development of BMS (Body, Mind, Spirit). Touch the core of the child and in turn, you will touch the core of the family unit which helps you reach out to the society and ultimately what you witness is a successful, confident, contributing, responsible child and society.

 The Motto of Soul Searchers Akshara Prakalpa isTransformation happens in human lives; but the biggest transformation occurs through the medium of Education.’
Details of EEP Project under Soul Searchers Akshara Prakalpa
Name of the Project:  Expansive Education Program for Underprivileged Children (EEP)
Name of the School where the Project is underway from August 01, 2014:  
Vikasa Vidhya Kendra ( Government School), Ramamurthy Nagar, Bengaluru
Purpose of project:
* To provide Holistic Training for development of Body, Mind and Spirit. 
Our activities work on the following domains:
1.     Building up the immunity of children
2.     Physical flexibility through yoga, exercises, games
3.     Learn healing/Self-healing, breathing exercises and Ananth Yoga Dhyana
4.     Improving  creative skills through art and crafts
5.      Boost Leadership abilities, Confidence, Memory
6.      Encourage Expressiveness and Speech
7.      Encourage love and care to one’s surroundings and in turn, become responsible human
8.     Grow as vibrant, holistic and contributing citizens to the society
 (Regular medical check-ups, medical assistance and providing healthy snacks and drink will be part of our program)

* To provide knowledge, career guidance, counseling and computer knowledge to economically poor children

1. Teaching basic computer applications
2. Carrier counseling and assistance
3. Create excitement in being aware of one’s community and General Knowledge
4. Teaching and encouraging kids to learn and speak English and communication skills
5. Vocational skills
Who would benefit?

Children studying in 8th and 9th standards.  The 10th standard children will also be assisted with a brief course as per requirement.
Program duration:  2 Year Program  – approximately 160 -180 hrs
What does the Program entail?
Ø  The program would start with general informal assessment of the child, basically to know more about the child, family background, strengths and weaknesses of the child in order to plan a program accordingly.
Ø  An Akshara Prakalpa Kit would be gifted to the children comprising a bag and necessary stationary for the program.
Ø  A file each in the name of every child will document the steady progress of the child and to add/modify activities as per need.
Ø  Two specific hours in a week will be utilized for different activities in the physical, mental, socio-emotional, environmental and spiritual areas.
Ø  Program would include indoor and a few outdoor activities too.
Ø  A grand completion ceremony would be organized, when certificates will be awarded on successful completion of the program along with cultural performances by the Akshara Prakalp children.

Monitoring of the Program

We monitor Soul Searchers Akshara Prakalp program at 4 levels with respect to the child’s growth at Body, Mind, Heart and Soul levels:

1.    Body (Physical): Health state of the child. Preventive healthcare is provided and 2 medical check-ups will be done in a year.

2.    Mind (Mental):  The level of Concentration on a subject shows the ability of the child to handle mental issues efficiently. In addition to the academics, personality growth and development of the child are worked upon.

3.    Heart (Emotional) – Ability to cope with emotions and stress helps a child to make balanced decisions

4.     Soul (Spiritual) – To be a better and humane being in spirit requires one to learn lessen the attitude of I, Me, Myself and Mine and encourage selfless sewa and bhav.

You Could Sponsor A Child

§  Please support this 2-year program to bring about a transformation in the lives of hundreds of underprivileged children and their families.

§  The total cost of this program is Rs.8000 per child for the 2-year period. We are sponsoring about 50 children studying in 8th standard in the upcoming session and we are looking to enrol work with more children with YOUR vital support.


This will be made available to you half yearly for your perusal. In case you wish to monitor a specific child’s steady progress, we would require you to place a request with us. We would be only too glad to serve your wish. You may kindly place your request by using our email ids given on this page.

Support Us

Cheque or DD should be in the name of Soul Searchers, send it to the below given address:

122, Dhruva Apartments, Plot No. 4, I.P. Extension, Delhi – 110092;   

Email: soulsearchercenter@gmail.com , info@soulsearchers.co.in

For any clarifications you may call: +919880008265 – Sreekumar

Ø  Cash can be given at the local centers in Delhi and Bangalore as of now.

Online transfer:

In case you wish to do an online transfer to the Soul Searchers bank account using NEFT, kindly email us so that we can send you the details by reply.

Income Tax Exemption benefit

Soul Searchers is a registered Trust and can provide 80 G income tax exemption facility also. Please do let us know in case you wish to avail this benefit for your donation.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/soulsearcherstrust

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