His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji’s books are now published by Universal Centre For Spiritual Research And Development (UCSRD) in Delhi.

Each of His Holiness books are truly enlightening and allows the reader to magically touch something which is deep within oneself. This transformation is possible when the writings are truly of the Divine.

It all started with the 1st book – The Art of Breathing which would have sold 10,000 copies worldwide and translated into Russian, French, Serbian etc.

The 2nd book – The Hidden Mysteries of the Kundalini was at one point used as reference book for Occult studies in Oxford university, London.

All His Holiness’ books are practical and one can experience true Transformation by practising what is given. The Truth which has been kept hidden or what has yet not been uncovered this Truth is revealed through the Divine Revelations.

The techniques allow one to know the way and walk the path to know the Truth which can be known simply with a pure heart and lots of patience. :)

See the rest of the sections to know more about each of His Holiness Maitreya’s books.

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