Principles of Baálalah


Nothing reveals the infinity so strikingly as the vast sky above… at once universal and present. But are we ready to acknowledge the truth that the universal knowledge that crosses the subtlest barrier of future and present events and accounts the truth in a manner that is never told before? It is a way of true realization through the revelation – all that which is known and unknown in a manner and a way that can be understood by one with an open heart and soul.

Those seeking the truth will find it to be the final authority in all that they seek, for, no other book so carefully and fully explains its supernatural origin, its chain of transmission and the exact way the message was communicated to the writer.

It is a command that has taken the shape of a book… nothing other than what was personal eyewitness view has been communicated. Revelation is never an allegory.

It is neither a collection of mysterious and unintelligible symbolism nor fiction.

Revelations are living, breathing accounts that have been known, realized, seen and experienced for the fulfillment of astounding things that generations can live by and attain the truth in its pristine glory.
It is not a book rather it is a beginning of a journey of ONENESS within and outside.

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