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Universal Center for Spiritual Research and Development (UCSRD) is a purely spiritual organization based in Delhi, India. It conducts the courses based on His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayanda ji’s teachings. The essence of all the teaching at the centre are based on the direct revelation and transcending the path of the religious norms and conditions it functions and focuses on the path of evolution.

UCSRD works on the four way path of truth, which allows true individual seekers to unlock the realm of knowing themselves in a manner which shall enforce a new way of seeing, knowing, understanding, relating and accepting things at material, philosophical, spiritual and scientific manner thereby making them able to relate to the oneness of the truth within them. To achieve these ends from within we offer the following services and resources:

On our path we have been supporting and working with people who have been alienated from the society, forced to lead a life of penury either due to the age old conditions(religious, physical or mental) or not able to compete with the materialistic demands of the society with the help of Soul Searchers.

Public programmes are conducted at

Keezhveeranam, Tamilnadu (India) on most of the Thursdays and Sundays at 11 am

Bangalore, Karnataka (India)  everyday in the morning and evenings except on Sundays.

This consists of a talk one of the deeper subjects of truth by one of our centre teachers followed by a session of questions and answers.

Revelation Programmes are also conducted on regular intervals at various cities as Diksha Shivirs.

See our schedule, directions for the programmes for more information in the Events section of the site.

If you want to develop and evolve to get tuned o the essence within you, the Universal Centre offers distance study sadhana programme on many of the advanced courses leading to the oneness within you. Only those serious enough to make a commitment to sadhana process may learn the way of joining to evolve.

Our centers can be contacted at


c/o Soul Searchers Keezhveeraanam PO,
Banavaram via, Jonappaarai Road, Arakkonam Taluk,
Vellore District, Tamilnadu-632505 04177202670, 04177202639, +919597947187

Reg Office : 427 Dhruva Apartments, Plot No. 4, I.P. Extension, Delhi-110092

Email: info@soulsearchers.co.in

email: soulsearchercenter@gmail.com


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