Advanced Ananth Yoga

Advanced Ananth Yoga

Advanced Ananth Yoga is a powerful programme that allows one to know, realise the Energy Pattern Development, Unconditional Expansion, supra consciousness and Chakra and how the Advanced Ananth Yoga can lead one person to reach a state of realisation.

The path begins from the Basic Ananth Yoga and the depth one person can reach within himself to attain a state of knowing the process in a better manner.

Advanced Ananth Yoga flows through the path of Kalantāra Mitrāta  Initiation process that allows you to tap into the Basic Ananth Yoga Mudras in a better and subtle manner.

Advanced Ananth Yoga™ teaches you

  • Advanced and Subtle Meditation techniques
  • Meditation Techniques for blocking
  • Meditation techniques for expanding
  • Meditation technique for  Connecting
  • Basic Healing Process
  • Rudraksha Healing Process
  • Healing and Third Eye

See the site for Advanced Ananth Yoga/ Please Reach Me . Thank you.

Course Duration: 19 Hours

Eligibility : Practitioners have to be Basic Ananth Yoga Certified student and after passing through the selection process only can the Student be admitted into the Advanced level

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