Ananth Yoga Healers Certification

Ananth Yoga Healers Certification

Ananth Yoga Healers Certification course is unique process that allows one to evolve from the state of being just a healer to a true healer.

This path has to be taken only after careful consideration and those who would like to expand their inner most to reach out further into the Param Dhyan™ and beyond.

The way of Ananth Yoga flows through the path of Kalantāra Mitrāta Initiation process that allows you to tap into the Basic Ananth Yoga as well as Advanced Ananth Yoga and work your way up within yourself to attain the

Ananth Yoga Healers Certification which allows you to reach further up to achieve and cherish the knowledge and wisdom of the way of Righteousness.

Ananth Yoga Healers Certification allows you to know the following

Colour Channel for correcting energy imbalances Distance Healing Close Healing Healing with Mantra
Healing with water Power healing Blissful Healing Cellular Revitalisation
Internal cleansing Boosting immune system For severe and chronic diseases Psychosomatic healing Meditation processes with Revealed Mudras and their significance
Energy controlled techniques for purging of phobias chakra dysfunctions Emotional balancing of the energy centres Addictions and emotional changes
Blocks and removes the psychic attacks Simply Rejuvenate Yourself  (SRY) Rejuvenate the chakras Reprogramming your life
Setting u and achieving goals in life  Vaastu purification  Vaastu Energisation  Vaastu Centering
Vaastu understanding Correction of Vaastu

Vist the site to see update on schedules  for Ananth Yoga Healers Certification/ PleaseReach Me . Thank you.

Course Duration: 50 Hours

Eligibility : Practitioners have to be Advanced Ananth Yoga Certified student and after passing through the selection process only can the Student be admitted into the Ananth Yoga Healers Certification

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