Mahashunya Kriya™

Mahashunya Kriya™ is a powerful practical course designed to bring about transformation in your life so that you are able to take advantage of the potentialities of your life. People irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion or Sex can enjoy this method to bring about a change in their life.

Techniques of science have given many ways to conquer the material things. Yet it is strange to see a man becoming more and more fragile in creating a distinction between the material means and weakness of his own equilibrium. Science might have reached its heights and attained its goal but cannot measure the depths of human mind nor can enlighten the intricacies of human nature and its subtle roots. It can only be reached by ‘You’ – this inner Being is the ‘Spiri’t – the energy of the Divine Love. This human evolution of the material energy is also guided by the supreme energy of the Divine Love. We are not able to differentiate this powerful and intelligent energy and the normal hassles of modern lifestyle, by which the whole purpose of life is wasted.

How can we then understand the roots of this divine Eternal tree of Life?

Mahashunya Kriya™ is the only solution by which the human knowledge can be elevated to subtler levels. It is a scientific method, which works on the central nervous system to form collective spiral energy to bring total awareness to the practitioner.

“Mahashunya” means “the eternal void from where all life came forth”, and ‘Kriya’ means ‘active process’, thus it is the spontaneous Spiritual Union with the Divine Power.

This power is Omnipotent and Omnipresent energy that manifest in all the living processes of the universe controlling through the electromagnetic force. This divine energy is called by different names in different religions. The Way of Mahashunya Kriya™ forms part of the Sapta Divya Puratana Diksha Paddhati (Seven Ancient Cosmic Rites of Passage) upheld through the Adi Guru DharmaPaddhati revealed at the banks of river Alaknanda near Koteshwar Cave in Rudraprayag (Uttarakhand) very near to the confluence of Mandakini and Alaknanda.

The expansion of Mahashunya Kriya™ is unimaginable and provides the seeker with the way of knowing Divinity within and around. The ways and processes are more and more related with the self efforts and deconditioning of the mind for knowing the truth in the purest manner. Mahashunya Kriya™ flows through an exhausitive four paths  

Ananth Yoga™:-

This is the first stage towards Inner Bliss. Prana in normal parlance is translated into “breath” while the actual meaning has far more significance as it means life force. Jatragni or the fire in the belly has great relationship with the prana. In basic levels, we can talk about the energy received from the prana, which is harnessed through the Jatragni is to transform the whole life itself. This power is harnessed through the subtle energy centre known as Manipura Chakra. All the ancient cultures have accepted the fact that Manipura chakra is not a chakra relying on the mechanical process only but controls heart as well as the intelligence.

This is a powerful practical and physical method for gaining insights into the realm of energy.

Param Dhyana™:-

Param Dhyana (Ultimate meditation) is a unique meditation process that follows a natural pattern of mind, body and soul. It does not follow the method of creating a force or pressure to undergo the awakening of the energy. It does not call for austerities, self-denial, penance, external renunciation, celibacy, etc. rather it is a process of Self-realization.

Shunya Smriti™

This stage brings the awareness to inner consciousness and contains the powerful meditation Technique Param Dhyana™. It is an advanced stage where the physical body merges with the universal energy.

Pranava Yoga™

Human body is formed of 96 Tatvas(elements) and each Tatva(elements) has its own energy and function in an interdependent manner. Pranava Yoga brings the knowledge of all the 96 Tatvas and also allows you to synchronize them to function in a method that would help you grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

Mahashunya Kriya™

This is the final Stage after which a Practitioner can start teaching Mahashunya Kriya™.

A Mahashunya Yogi therefore emerges to give the realization to others. Through the new knowledge of collective conscience, a MahaShunya Yogi can perceive the subtle centers of others much clearly. It can decode the problems of others, diagnose the blockades and provide them with methods of healing themselves.

Mahashunya Yoga is the manifestation of pure desire to merge with the Eternal. The essence of all the religions is to search the eternal one and to surpass the transitory phases of physical limitation to reach the divine force.

When we indulge too much in the transitory things, they destroy the person.

Mahashunya Kriya™ confers full loads of powers for the attainment of the equilibrium and good sense in the life.

We know that the essence of all the religions is the same. We believe that the incarnations of Gods and the prophets who appeared in different times imparted   the knowledge of spiritual development of the humanity. Mahashunya Kriya™ is the natural evolution of this religious spirit, to create and develop more explicit faith in the religion.

Mahashunya Kriya™ is a living and active process proposed to infuse the method of spiritual development and expansion of the personality. Thus a true Mahashunya Kriya Yogi becomes trustworthy, lovable, helpful, adorable and capable of facing any calamities in life.

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