Guru Purnima Message from His Holiness Shri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji

Guru Purnima Message from His Holiness Shri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji

“One always searches for Satguru. For a Acharya can teach what He knows; a Guru can show a way; while a Satguru will lead one from the darkness held so close to heart to the light of wisdom. One who searches should be clear what He or She is looking for, if they are just roaming around then nothing shall be gained, if either Acharya or a Guru is found, something is achieved, while those who hold on the path of knowing, and gaining blessing and grace from a Satguru will truly realize the inner Self of Consciousness.”

Among the 12-13 full moons in a year the vaishakha full moon is dedicated to Buddha (his birth and enlightenment), jyeshtha full moon to mother earth and the aashadha full moon is dedicated to the memory of masters. This is Guru-Purnima.

It is the day when the disciple wakes up in his fullness and in the wakefulness he can’t be but grateful. This gratitude is not of dwaita (you and me), but of advaita. It is not a river moving from somewhere to somewhere, but is the ocean moving within itself. So, gratefulness on Guru-Purnima symbolizes that fullness.
The purpose of the Guru Purnima celebration is to turn back and review and see in this last one year how much one has progressed in life. For a seeker, Guru Purnima is a day of significance. It is the day to review one’s progress on the spiritual path and renew one’s determination and focus on the goal. As the full moon rises and sets, tears of gratitude arise and repose into the vastness of one’s own self.”

We welcome all members of the divine Lineage of Caitya Dharma, families and friends to join us in celebration.
Wishing all other Divine Souls a very Happy Guru Purnima and those still struggling with themselves to find a Satguru to show them a way.

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