Path of Dharma






Path of Dharma

Pain and suffering happen because we hold. The more we hold thinking that it might give us some relief and solace the more we get held back. What you ask is something which you already know.

It is like a woman who gave birth to a baby. This baby, however, had one body but two heads. She wanted to know if this was one baby or two babies so she went to a wise man and asked him, “Wise sir, is this baby one baby or two babies?”
Then the wise man answered, “Pour hot water on one head and if only one cries, then they are two but if both heads cry, then it’s one.”

You know the answer and this is a realization which makes you fight against it. The more you fight the more you suffer. The more you do against the will of yours the more you have the guilt, the more you do it secretly the more sinful you feel.

It is not easy to drop the relationship, it is hard to carry on with the relationship. It is a fight of goodness with the need and desire. In this war none actually wins and only loser remains is you for you witness either failure or success, life or slow death.

Can anything be said about wrong or right done by you when the whole self of yours is holding the ground to fight and trying to struggle and survive. Right and wrong is a perception, struggling and suffering is also a perception that which we develop to create a satisfaction to remain in the situation we love to hate.

The path of Dharma is for those can stand up and fight and not for people who adjust and surrender to the demands of the world. ~ His Holiness Shri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji

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