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The Self



“It is crucial for evolution and development of oneself from oneself. All our focus should be on self, this allows one to become selfless and attain great heights. Till the time, one looks at others as a benchmark for development and evolution, one shall become self-centered and in that, selfishness seeps in allowing the ego to raise the head. This is a deadly combination, wherein, one shall be mentally, physically blocked leading to one’s own collapse.”

~ His Holiness Shri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji

Ananth Yoga Dhyan – The Eye of Dharma

Message on Ananth Yoga


His Holiness Shri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji says on Ananth Yoga Dhyan

“Ananth Yoga is the EYE of Dharma which is the way of liberation. It is the state of formless, subtlest, silent, bathed in energy and consciousness the matter expands it breaks itself free from the scriptural knowledge for it is a way of special transmission of subtlest of the energy and consciousness, held in the state of Silence.”


Regular preparatory classes are held. Please contact 09880008265 to know the details.

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Soul Searchers at Chennai Hindu Fair, July 8-14, 2014

Day 5 - July 12, 2014


EVENT : 6TH Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair
VENUE: Ramachandra Medical university Ground – Vasudev Nagar Thiruvanmiyur Chennai-600041
DATE: July 8th -14
Here we have a picture of Devatman Lalitha Sairam ji showing School children How to do Energy Sensing

Beauty of Breath

“The beauty of breath is that it holds back when loved one’s or thoughts of attachment comes. This is the sensitivity of the mind that relates to heart, those who are insensitive will go on without even the grossest level of awareness of the heartbeat, they are more interested in the gross level, body level. Such people are never aware of the existence of Love and they love to hurt others.
Sit watch the breath and do nothing, just be there every day for three days. The first day the breathing moves with the body, second day it becomes still and the third day it connects with mind. Only when you have connection with mind can you talk to it, otherwise you are talking to you own gross self and brain is feeding the matter to the mind. But is the mind listening, no it is just hearing lot of noises. So only when the breath is able to connect to the self can the mind be known and the mind will be able to listen and communicate. The moment one communicates with mind one realizes the heart too. Then one becomes sensitive and becomes caring and loving, this is not blind in nature but is full of awareness of the self.”

~ His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji

Breathe the magic of Life workshop at Payback India

Breathe the magic of Life workshop at Payback India


02030105 0406070809


Workshop on the importance of Breath in Corporate lives to reduce Stress, live Healthier, greater Energy and increased longevity! Conducted by Tatvas and UCSRD -Universal Centre for Spiritual Research and Development in Bengaluru held on May 29, 2014.







Introduction – Breath The Magic of Life

May 23, 2014


Even before one knows the depth of Prana (Life force) one has to realize the depths of the self to connect to the Prana within. The prana one is aware of  is about gross inhaling and exhaling. One need to know greater depths about the Prana that expands and connects each one of us in a greater level within the gross levels of Prana that circulates within the body.

The Prana we are talking about is the Dynamic level of Prana that allows one to connect to the Prana essence within the Body, Mind and Spirit essence of an individual. There are forty one levels of Prana that connects the body to the Conscious Spirit within, this expansive mode of Prana is emerging from the Body level, connecting with the Mind level and expanding with the Spirit level.

Merging of Body, Mind and Spirit

This force of joining is called Yuj(युज्), a point wherein the Body, Mind and Spirit merges and then expands at the conscious levels.

This is the point wherein one connects to the consciousness within the realm of body at five basic levels, held in place by five basic levels of mind consciousness allowing one to connect to the first level of spirit consciousness.

Gaining this point to begin with is only possible through the awareness and awakening of the body, mind and spirit at the second level of awareness of consciousness Prana. One has to become subtle to serve the Prana and no other material medium will provide one with the opportunity to connect to the Point of YUJ.

It is this point of awareness YUJ that has come to be known popularly as YOGA wherein another two words came into being Samadh(समद)meaning one who is intoxicated and another Khaja(खज) meaning churning stick, represented by the Spinal Cord (पृष्ठास्थि). When Samadh and Khaj merged with Yuj it emerged as Yoga.

One has to realize the true source of Yoga, not just the physical aspect of Asana and Kriya but the subtle way of its connection to the consciousness.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

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Soul Searchers-The Art of Breathing



Welcome On Board

I saw rats running away before the ship moved, dogs jumping into water when the ship took sailed, cats climbing the poles in mid sea, pigs Oink, grunt, squeal, rumble, even purred around, dirtying the deck. Humans on board fighting to take control of the ship, pushing people overboard, some trying to burn the ship, some trying to sink the ship.
None of them were on the ship, they just saw the ship in water, they never saw anything else. In sleep they held the illusion as theirs. Illusions are powerful, kicks were real for they even beat the captain who went to wake them. But a dream is not a reality. The ship is still there, one can board the ship, for the rats, dogs, cats, pigs and dreamers have run away.
Ship is too big,unsinkable for it is made with cosmic forces. The fog horn hoots away for those who sleep to wake up and can know the way up the ladder, for those who want to part of the journey, for those who would only see the ship sail away.
The ship is a battleship, the guards are on alert. You may be a passenger enjoying the moments of travel, you have a right to join in the service if you feel, you may share your knowledge and wisdom, you may just be there but know for sure the ship has the owner on board, the captain is a fighter and the soldiers do not tolerate miscreants. Passengers have freewill to get down safely at any point of the journey.
The sails have been raised, the journey through the cosmic way shall begin soon.
The passengers can invites their friends, colleagues, family for a meet to know the points of learning. Passengers have a choice and freewill to join in the services based on the universal laws as established by the owner. Wait till the right time wherein the ship shall become the universal one, then the lights of the ship will merge the ship within the cosmos itself from where it came from.
~ His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda


Being in Life is a path of growth
Your one step changes the way
Nature walks two steps towards you
Breathing in life will bring life
Breathing anguish brings in anguish
Your effort to walk is rewarded
Your deeds are rewarded
Keeping up the good deeds
One finds miraculous things happen
Miracles fills your life at every turn
One day you would become a Miracle
A miracle others will be living on
Those who live shall themselves be a Miracle
~ His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

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