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Cosmic Science


Cosmic Science

A time in future would come when modern science would have rethink and re-evaluate there concepts on senses be it of touch, seeing, hearing, taste or smell. These same concepts when given approval at one moment of time in history made religious leaders and thinkers happy that the things written in scriptures thousands of years ago has gained a scientific approval. Religion is nothing but a small uni-dimensional aspect of spirituality that holds onto to teachings and approvals based on the concepts written while the modern science with all its skepticism and assumptions is still even a smaller fragment of religion itself.

Spirituality works through infinite number of dimensions where the cosmic science is acceptable, a rule undeniable even by religion or modern science.

The future science shall talk about consciousness of senses at multiple dimensions working through energy, matter, pulsation, vibration and void. Something religion cannot comprehend while science shall become spiritual.

~ His Holiness Shri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji

Spark of Creativity




Creativity emerges from inspiration, for that first spark allows one to be original. The moment one uses the process of cut and paste, plagiarism one disconnects from the origin leaving one among million still remaining unknown, faceless and ignorant. For walking in others shoes is good for self originality should shine through it for it is core principle of your whole existence.

~ His Holiness Shri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji

Lineage of Light

Aqua-Illumination-LED-SpreadLineage of Light

Claimants of light awareness, knowledge work through a process of visualization, guidance, and conditional knowledge. Over a short period of time one who works moves out from the realm visualization, guidance and falls into a newer way of visualization and guidance in hope of knowing the way.

We are from the lineage of Isä the primordial of the primordial light consciousness. We work in light know where one can attain the light only when one lets go of self, merge into the atmosphere around,flow through the medium of energy and matter from the grossest levels to the subtlest level as the desire, need and requirement of the level of consciousness.

Those shoppers of light or conditional minds will wean away or are removed by the nature of energy and matter who are not yet ready for knowing the truth.

~ His Holiness Shri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji












When one has a master, one becomes part of a lineage having its own traditions and culture. The tradition and culture bring about a life changing experience within the self. It is not a way of denial but a way of accepting something that is alive and living.

Slowly one finds transformation and miracles happening in life. This cannot be experienced by those who try to follow too many teachers and too many schools of learning in hope of transformation and miracles they run around with a more and more conditioned, narrow and rigid mindset.

~ His Holiness Shri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji

Launch of 18th edition of Kundalini Book



Most celebrated book Soul Searchers – The Hidden Mysteries of Kundalini by His Holiness Shri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji was launched on August 01, 2014 at Montfort College, Bengaluru. His Holiness and Shri Rangaraja Iyengar graced the occasion amidst supporters and seekers. The event began with a prayer to the Divine sung by three beautiful girls and an introductory speech.

His Holiness then gave a speech and answered queries of the audience.


Ananth Yoga Dhyan – The Eye of Dharma

Message on Ananth Yoga


His Holiness Shri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji says on Ananth Yoga Dhyan

“Ananth Yoga is the EYE of Dharma which is the way of liberation. It is the state of formless, subtlest, silent, bathed in energy and consciousness the matter expands it breaks itself free from the scriptural knowledge for it is a way of special transmission of subtlest of the energy and consciousness, held in the state of Silence.”


Regular preparatory classes are held. Please contact 09880008265 to know the details.

Thank you.




Even before one knows the depth of Prana (Life force) one has to realize the depths of the self to connect to the Prana within. The prana one is aware of  is about gross inhaling and exhaling. One need to know greater depths about the Prana that expands and connects each one of us in a greater level within the gross levels of Prana that circulates within the body.

The Prana we are talking about is the Dynamic level of Prana that allows one to connect to the Prana essence within the Body, Mind and Spirit essence of an individual. There are forty one levels of Prana that connects the body to the Conscious Spirit within, this expansive mode of Prana is emerging from the Body level, connecting with the Mind level and expanding with the Spirit level.

Merging of Body, Mind and Spirit

This force of joining is called Yuj(युज्), a point wherein the Body, Mind and Spirit merges and then expands at the conscious levels.

This is the point wherein one connects to the consciousness within the realm of body at five basic levels, held in place by five basic levels of mind consciousness allowing one to connect to the first level of spirit consciousness.

Gaining this point to begin with is only possible through the awareness and awakening of the body, mind and spirit at the second level of awareness of consciousness Prana. One has to become subtle to serve the Prana and no other material medium will provide one with the opportunity to connect to the Point of YUJ.

It is this point of awareness YUJ that has come to be known popularly as YOGA wherein another two words came into being Samadh(समद)meaning one who is intoxicated and another Khaja(खज) meaning churning stick, represented by the Spinal Cord (पृष्ठास्थि). When Samadh and Khaj merged with Yuj it emerged as Yoga.

One has to realize the true source of Yoga, not just the physical aspect of Asana and Kriya but the subtle way of its connection to the consciousness.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

For more details read:

Soul Searchers-The Art of Breathing

Explosion of Silence



In the words of His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji (August 09, 1991)

The world around me was silent, though traveling back I knew for everyone I was looking very different. A silent distant being but the inner moment of watchfulness was very sharp. Every single sound was quite audible, clear with visuals as sharp as possible. The whole body was going through a new phase of awareness. The sounds of rain hitting the dry land within was quite soft with the fragrance of self expanding throughout.
I had got down at Nagpur Central and walked off with the information to a colleague of mine. My inner calling was to reach Drugdhamna, a name that emerged in my mind and was pulling me towards it.
It was quite a task to reach the place for very few people knew the place. A very silent place with nothing but few hutments and lot of open space.
There was this empty space, wherein stood a old Peepal tree, Just sat there and meditated. The same experience again was experienced wherein only silence within exploded to merge with the silence around. The whole body vibrated at an intensity that I could never imagine physically was possible.
The whole body was passing through variations of heat, coolness, intense vibrations and silence. All the creation around me vanished and the intense flames engulfed my whole essence covered in layers of waters and the pulsations connecting and expanding with each passing moment. The silence was so powerful and intense that it allowed a new surge of energy that washed away the faintest residual thought and nothing could sustain in that vibrancy. The expansion of the dynamic energy was without boundaries and all that was conditional remains within burned away with none to observe or witness it. With this a new kind of health was felt all over the body. This kind of healthy state of body I had never experienced before. It was like drinking the water from the very fountain of life that quenched the thirst completely.
When the energy subsided I opened my eyes to see H.H. Ashariri Prajnaparamita Aghor Mahababa Pinakin ji in front of me smiling. Truly the journey began for next few years were wherein I had to work within myself in silence and serenity. The devotion and humility for me was to discover the potential of intuitive energy Abiding in the core of the self within the layers of self, allowing me to return to the core to truly find the purpose of this life.

Always give your

Baba (Ācharyagüru Swami Shri Chidananda Bharati ji) used to say,” Always give your best, even if you are failing, keep trying hard, Divine walks with those with passion and persistence.”

~ His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

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