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Path of Spirituality

Shri Ramnathi - kund



The Path of Spirituality

“The path of material world says have a ideal and rise beyond him, the path of religion says have a ideal and walk on his path, spiritual path says find your oneness then come my way.”

~ His Holiness Shri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji

A Lesson in Social Service

We talk about social work and charity, alleviation of poverty. How will we do it? For thousands of years poverty and disparity between the rich and poor has been there but it has never changed. We all have tried to come out with policies, religious norms of charity, political norms of charity but all have failed. Is it possible for one to think why we failed?

We failed because our mind was never to do upliftment of poor or needy. Our desire was to gain from it, gain in the manner of pünya (results of good deed), respect, name and fame.

No King became a pauper because he gave everything to the poor. The poor have been utilized to make the King richer. The mindset was never there to actually change the attitude of social work.

Social responsibility is something which is based on simplicity and not on conditions. The turmoil’s I show through the poems, writing and service reflect my turmoil wherein I am not interested in only loading poor people with just clothes or continuously feeding them food but to make a society which is aware, who want to live a life of self respect. If you want to beg then beg from the inner self, if you want to give let the soul give the essence of respect to the souls who are in dormant state.

My way is not religious. I use spirituality as base for religion to talk, I walk with people in their religion and then poke them, tell them something which would not be liked for it is going against the norms so far they followed. The soul within this form is the one which I believe and the ultimate divinity is to be with the truth and not with the dogmas.

Most of the people talk about openness, expansion and liberation, how many people truly know what openness is, expansion is or liberation is. When I do namaskar, I do not bow to the person, but I bow to the soul, while people do sashtanga namaskar to the body and when the time comes they hit the same body they bowed down to. Such conditional beings can never lead people to be self respecting rather their ways are more scary and dangerous for any day they can back stab creating a bigger rift based on caste, creed, colour and gender.

When the true openness comes then the social work and social upliftment shall happen for then the difference shall be non‐existent since only souls are seen and how can one soul harm the other. ~ His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda.


Rudra Prayag


Where did you sit for learning from Siddhas?

When did you practice the way of Siddhas?

When did you listen to the wisdom of Earth?

How many times seeds of Akasha germinate?

When did the water quench your Thirst?

Did you allow the fire to burn away your mask?

Seeking a Siddha is wonderful

Being with a Siddha makes you realize

Listening to Siddha, pain and sin are erased

Siddha is a warrior who shatters your conditions

Being within you changes eternally

Ocean of bliss is introduced to the self

The devotees remain forever in bliss

~ Maitreya

“Be Aware, Be Simple and Be a Child.”

The teachings of Maitreya Rudrabhayananda
Verify the Truth by Experience (Atmabodh)

“Be Aware, Be Simple and Be a Child.”

The teachings of His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda are a unique science. It requires very careful examination and consideration in order to grasp the full meaning and impact of its content. The teachings address the fundamental questions about Existence at all levels, human and humanity, our origins and destiny, good and evil, the soul, death and life, the world, our relationship to others, and the nature of space, time, and the fabric of reality.

These are neither philosophical teaching nor are they intellectual dissertation on specific subjects with an intellectual analysis of them; it is a revealed science which does not require blind allegiance. It is purely based on verifiable Truths through knowledge and experience. It is an offering of a new perspective to realize the wonder called life which shall slowly unravel the mystery of life through a new meaning and a new setting for their personal experience.

His Holiness’s teachings do not merge science and spirituality rather it is spiritual science far beyond all the boundaries set in by religions and science of the world to this day.

His science is the personal truth that was gained and verified by the experience of an illuminated Self, thus it is His Science and His knowledge; the doors of which is open to all those who desire to make a journey to the Truth untold till now.

Foundations of the Teachings

The four cornerstones of His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda’s teachings are:
•“The you in You is the Divine You have been searching”
•The “spirit” within you is the “Reality” when they mean the true Spirituality emerges
•Know the consciousness and Energy for they shall guide you to the Truth
•Grow beyond the concept of “I”, “Me”, “Mine” and “Myself”

His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda’s teachings cover a vast amount of subjects, yet they all merge and serve to expound the fundamental concepts of his message of Oneness. Know the truth behind your beliefs and the True Faith, know your God and the God you have ignored till now. The teachings do not work on denying anything but it is the crucial aspect of accepting the reality that matters more. His teachings show Divine as creator but not in form nor as a means of worship but a sense of being the True You.

Traces of His teachings can be found in ancient traditions, although in most cases all that remain are faint echoes that have barely survived the passing of time and the loss of their appropriate context for interpretation.

What You Will Learn
•The nature of You and the You in you
•The concepts of consciousness and energy
•God and Divine realities
•Spirit and matter
•Evolution and mind
•Mystery of Soul, rebirth and life after death
•Destiny and reality
•Viewing the past, present, or future

Students are initiated through special disciplines revealed by His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda turn the knowledge into personal experience.

This allows the students to begin to experience their own personal truth, their own personal wisdom, and no longer rely on belief, faith, or someone else’s word.

His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda’s learning school of Wisdom, you are given knowledge that is found nowhere else in the world. The disciplines are designed in such a way that nothing is left to chance or belief. They allow you to put to the test the statement that you create your own reality.

In the words of His Holiness, “No one fails in this learning, only quitters who lack the sense of participation. There can be no passive teachers nor passive students; either they are or they are not capable of the learning now, for, there is no force to make one learn or make one thirsty.”
Adi-Maitreya originated from Adi niyamatah or the primordial principles of Baálalah. The expansion of wisdom from the source is primordial thus the truth remains eternal, timeless and spaceless.

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