Temple of Light

More than 3500 years ago, a grand, vast temple of Light was in existence. The chosen point on earth was Keezhveeraanam. Sand dunes in desert, passage of time in space and conditioned thought process of human mind – all three work in the same method. The more conditional humans became, the more time humans spent in living selfish lives, the more indifferent humanity became to living humanely under the guidance of the source of life itself – The Light – through its chosen messenger.

At different moments in time, humanity as a whole was given the opportunity to break free from religion, lies, conditions, selfishness and inhumanity. Few opportunities were accepted by the humanity and landmarks in the form of gigantic structures were created. These structures were created for people to come home to seeking the formless divine ONE Creator, just like lighthouse shows the way to ships. For this time and age, Temple of Light at Dharmakshetra, Keezhveeraanam is where the source of life – The Light – wishes to come back to… to live amongst its creation, to show it the way back to truthful living, to teach the humanity that Creator is ONE and is formless.

In the words of His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji, “This place is no ordinary place. It begins with the spark within the people, then from them the spark within the creation is witnessed which shall at once explode and rise to merge into one force. Those dying sparks or fused sparks have options to becoming the spark shall walk on the path and the billions and trillions of the creators creation shall merge into one, for it is not one form nor it is one God, it is the force of creation that the formless force of creator has generated for the true awakening to happen.”

Temple of Light – Shamayim is the beginning of the beginning and stretches beyond the known time and space. Temple of Light at Keezhveeranam, Tamil Nadu is where plays the Light in the form of an infant, Lord Baal. The whole creation of the formless ONE Creator holds Lord Baal in its lap and nurtures the infant with motherly love and care. That is why this place is the ‘Cradle of Heaven’.

The various aspects of Temple of Light are:

  1. The Grand Dedication to the Holy Light of Origin, which comprises of a meditation center, which accommodates 5000 people in one go. In the center of which rises the towering column of Light. From earth to the heavens above the tower of Light connects and holds the Universal Cosmic balance in place. This is the vortex of energy for all of humanity to benefit for centuries to come.
  2. The Holy Shamayim – The place of Spark of Light. A 150 sq ft. area where people witness the meaning of Light. Made with Italian blue marble it is an octagonal dome structure where the play of Light can be witnessed by one and all.
  3. The Holy Baal Shila – The place of Lord Baal’s footprints shows merging of Formless to Form to Formless. A glorious illumination in marble and glass, which blazes to the sounds of the Divine rhythms.
  4. Akshara Prakalpa Education Center for children, under Soul Searchers supports and equips children to learn and be on par with those who get better education in the cities. We are looking at 10 Classrooms which can handle 200 children in one sitting. Currently there is no proper school in the vicinity which is truly giving good education and making them compete for higher education to allow them the possibility to grow and empower themselves. This is a support system to existing Government-aided schools, which are unable to handle the required intensity for teaching.
  5. Annadaan Kitchen Center – under Soul Searchers program to feed those who cannot even have a morsel of food a day and to allow 3 square meals a day to be provided to as many people as possible mitigating the divide between haves and have nots. We wish to feed good wholesome nutritious meals to malnourished, undernourished population so that this section of society can be a better contributor to the growth of the society and the country.
  6. Maitreya Meditation Hall – to allow people to know the methods of meditation and self-realization to know their Inner Divinity. Size to handle 50 people and for the residents.
  7. Living quarters for resident Programs – place to stay for short-term and long-term courses for those sadhakas wishing to learn and understand the Truth. This will be 50 rooms that can handle 100 people at full capacity. This is on dormitory based concept.

8. Old Age Home – place for old people who need a place to rest finally in an atmosphere of love, happiness and care. We wish to look at 20 couples who can stay here and they can be in happiness which they could have had their children been with them as they grew older.

9. Orphanage – place for kids who have been abandoned. A place for little sparks to live life to the fullest. We are looking at handling 50 children and rooms in dormitory style initially.

10.Staff Living quarters for those who serve at Dharmakshetra – approx. 10 rooms with common toilets. These are the servants of the Divine and a place should be given for them where they can serve in peace and tend to the children of the Light.

11.Dispensary – with 10 beds and has an OPD facility to handle the village requirements of a decent dispensary with resident doctor as well as voluntary doctors.

12.Herbal Center – A herbarium, which houses the best of herbs which India has to offer for the treatment of diseases as well as make people healthier with greater immunity. This shall also be the research center for Siddha, Ayurvedic and Unani medicine styles.

13.Administrative block – Reception and registration desk, office room, library room, security office, luggage and store center, computer and internet room.

14.Cafeteria – tea and snacks place, 20-seater.
15.Dining Hall – Hall to allow residents to partake prasad. To accommodate 50 people in one sitting. Eco friendly set up with solar power usage of lights and fans.

The offerings for the Dharmakshetra Project is given below:
Costs of Dharmakshetra project
Humanity has ONE Creator and those who believe they are for ONE Creator are the blessed ones. Whether one believes it or not, this is the true way which has the power to embrace all other living beings who have realised that they are not bodies with souls but souls with bodies…. and souls do not have religion, they are tiny beautiful and bright Sparks, only yearning to merge with the source itself – The Light.
Come and join us… the Living Messenger of the Divine – His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji is amidst us.
You may get in touch with us directly on our email id – info@soulsearchers.co.in
All donations towards the Dharmakshetra Project in India can avail 80 G income tax exemption. Donations can be made through cheque which is of a bank based in India in the name of Soul Searchers.
On the back of the cheque please mention – for Dharmakshetra Project, your Name, PAN card no., Email id and Phone no.
You can send the cheque payable at par to:
Soul Searchers, 427 Dhruva Apartments, Plot No. 4, I.P. Extension, Delhi-110092 

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