I would like to share my experiences with Raál. I have been practicing Raál for 4 months. I have always been an active person who would hesitate to sit in a place so when I began the practice of Raál I was skeptical about whether meditation was within my purview or not. Contrary to my perceptions it slowly became my ME time where I could ask many questions running in my mind. Practicing it not only sometimes answered all such questions but also slowed down my anxiousness. It has helped me cultivate patience and rethink about all my decisions before quickly jumping into one (which was my previous me)


Practicing Raál has also helped me to surrender all my worries to the almighty thereby lifting a huge burden which I always used to carry. I know I have a long way to go. But with the blessings of parents, elders and Guruji I hope that I would be able to continue the meditation.