Hello. I am 29 years old as of today and was introduced to Raál when I was 27. As I am trying to adult my way through the world, I feel the impact of changing expectations of people from me. And I also feel my own desires changing. Personally, and professionally, I am required to navigate people’s emotions now more than ever. Often, I succeed, often I fail. But whatever success I get on this front I attribute it to Raál. A newfound sense of calm and peace is helping me become empathetic. I feel the need to speak much lesser than before and I have become a better listener. By consciously surrendering my sins, piousness, consciousness, and knowledge of them through my practice, I feel a state of bliss that is unaffected by any event happening around me. This makes me believe that there are mysteries far more interesting about existence than I have fathomed. And any joy or sorrow I feel is there to help me understand myself better. Pranams to Guruji.