Letter from Rajeev Lochan

A Letter from a Simple Sadhaka -15.07.04

Dear Friends,  Namaskar One thing I have learned from Gurudev is that patience and simple approach to life is more crucial compared to all the luxuries of the world. Gurudev had written to me saying that you have to know the meaning of Guru in comparison to Acharya. He wants to be a simple teacher, philosopher, guide and friend. Such a thought would only come to a Master, a Guru. He is the divinity the world has been waiting for.

He is a Karma Yogi. He is a person who can be approached easily. He does not stake any claims to be a super human/incarnation. He lives with his parents and is into the establishment of the centre that is literally unique.

He spreads the knowledge of the Lord without any hesitation. Tell me how many people are able to do this and you still want to burden him with the responsibility that he has to enlighten you. Friends, his load has to be reduced so that other people like us can also benefit. His knowledge is to be made popular.

More popular his knowledge becomes, drastically will the burden on his shoulders come down. He takes on the burden like Jesus took the cross on his shoulder because he feels others are not able to put their heart and soul into the role he wants to create for them. The day he realizes that people are there to sincerely help him out he would then unleash the burden and bring forth the knowledge still hidden in him.

Enlightenment would happen. Yes it would!

The power of energy is such. He is so simple that he would make it look like as if you are meeting a next door neighbour. He just creates a veil of ignorance and stops at nothing to make sure that his identity is not known to the world.

We have to make sure that it does not happen, the knowledge has to be given to world for which he has been working, giving no rest to his body. You can see that strain under his eyes, but he knows so much is still pending and the moment he rests he would lose out the option to create the centre. He has to be provided rest and this is possible only when every one of us tries. He creates a beautiful web of language that just confuses the person and the seeker forgets what he had come to ask initially. We are very small in comparison to him and this method is not new but as old as the Gurukula system.

I know him as he has taken the path of explaining the centre in terms of marketing and product concept but in reality it is the other way around. He is trying to bring the knowledge to the doorstep of every individual in the world. When he talks about religion then it is way beyond common people to understand but when he talks in marketing jargon, he brings himself down to the level of simple human being greedy for money, literally creating a mask of materialism.

His divinity is such that he just wants the knowledge to reach out to people free of cost. How many so called Guru in the world would do such a thing, spending their own hard earned income to support other people? He rarely asks because he feels others may be in financial crunch.

We have to rise above our own financial problems and bring ourselves to spread the knowledge, otherwise I know people who pass through the world without giving the knowledge to all. He has many times said that he does not have much time and we have wasted so much time on petty things. Much work and time is required to complete such a huge project and it is essential to provide whole hearted support to him as it may be the only good thing we may be ale to do in our whole life.

May the blessing of the Rudra be with all

A Simple Sadhak Rajeev Lochan

(Rajeev ji was one of the closest and dearest disciples of H.H. Maitreya. He became Swami Poornanda, and on the fateful day of 26th Dec 2004, we lost him in Aceh, Indonesia in the Tsunami. He knew of the fate to come and had taken the flight from Singapore right to the epicentre on 25th Dec 2004, after having entrusted his writings on H.H. Maitreya Rudrabhayananda to Catherine ( who was also disciple to Gurudev) saying that he might not be coming back.))

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