Miracles Do Happen

Miracles Do Happen– by Ravi K Dhingra

Miracles do happen and it has happened to me second time in my life. Last week on Thursday my grandchild Anjali, who is 2 years old, vomited. Then she had pain in the stomach. We were worried and took her to hospital. There, the doctors said it is just a problem of indigestion which occurs easily in infants and gave her some medicines.

We came home and started the medicines but with all the medicines the baby could not find any relief. The child started having loose motions besides vomitting. This got us panicky and we ran to the hospital again.This time the doctors asked her to be admitted saying she has diarrhoea. She was put on fluids but the diarrhoea was severe. On Saturday she passed stool more than 10 times and was suffering severely. We didn’t know what to do. Doctors were not very sure what went wrong. They were of the opinion it might be Gastroenteritis. We all were worried and the doctors said the case was severe and gave us 48 hours before committing to anything. Anjali was lying there with no strength at all.

The whole of Saturday night I could not sleep and then in the morning I felt like calling Gurudev up. I did not even check the hour and rang him. He picked up the phone and recognised me immediately. I told him the problem and the situation we were in and related to Him what the doctors had said. He said ‘Raza uski, dua meri, sab theek hoga’ (It’s His wish, I will pray, every thing will be alright) and asked me to be calm. Later I realized the time was 3.30 am. Even at this hour, He was so calm and quiet. I prayed to God. We all could not sleep.

In the evening doctors said Anjali is recovering. In the morning sometime, the severe bowel movement had stopped and by evening she opened her eyes. She was weak but we could see the divine had done the deed. Yesterday she was discharged and she has come home. This is a miracle. Within 5 hours Gurudev did what the doctors were not able to do. I had asked doctors what they thought about it but they were not sure about it. According to them it could not have become better this fast. I understand one thing that is we require Gurudev more than He requires us. We might say anything but actual Karma Yogi in the human form is Gurudev.

He relentlessly works for the cause of the others. I would call it a miracle happening twice to a man – once He saved me and now He saves my Anjali. I shall ever be grateful to be part of the divine vision (April 25, 2006)

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