A moment with God Himself

Dear Devotees of His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayanandaji


I am Silvia  and we had recently gone through a huge tragedy of losing our daughter Anne she was studying for her Medicine. Though it happened nearly 6 months back yet the injustice of nature we could not bear and it took away our faith in God. Nikki is a dear friend of mine and she knows how happily we lived and we used to feel that nothing could change all that but then it happened and in a moment of rush she was snatched away from us. A body that came from me became a memory which was so ghastly that we could not sleep for weeks.

Like Nikki I had so many friends who were like family supporting us during those painful days. Maa Deviji used to help me by inviting me to be part of  chants and recital from Rudranamavali.

Initially I never used to ask who Prabhuji Maitreya Rudraabhayanandaji  was for my mind and heart was more looking for my daughter than attending such bhajans. Some two months back while we all had a group tea party then Sabatini talked about her experience of meeting Prabhuji Maitreya Rudraabhayanandaji and how she felt the desire to call him Friend and somehow the word Baba became synonymous with Sai Baba and Rudra Baba and I do not when or how Rudra Baba became only Baba for I started to communicate with Him whenever I felt lonely or sad.

My husband  initially did not like me to attend functions that were arranged byMaa Deviji, but then slowly he also felt good to be in company of Maitreya Rudraabhayanandaji . We both created an Altar for Prabhuji Maitreya Rudraabhayanandaji and now it has become a ritual for us and we try to follow what Maa Deviji told us to do and we felt good about it.

Yet many times we felt the loss of Anne and at those times we used to feel that Prabhuji Maitreya Rudraabhayanandaji has left supporting us yet something within us still kept looking up to Him to gain His grace and also solace.

On 21st March to be exact something happened that contrary to our belief Prabhuji Maitreya Rudraabhayanandaji showed us that he is there is for us and Anne has taken a new leash of life and maybe for betterment only.

Maa Deviji had arranged for a pada puja at her residence on 21st March and we all reached there on time. The puja started at the exact time and I felt some strange energy was enveloping the whole of room.

My husband and I felt as if we were sitting through a earthquake, during the aarti, I was holding hands of my husband tightly and he was holding mine tightly our hands were sweating yet we held and both were reciting Prabhuji Maitreya Rudraabhayanandaji’s name suddenly I heard Nikki whisper ‘Prabhuji is here’.

I opened my eyes, my husband left my hand, my whole body was shivering and there in front completely visible to everyone’s eyes was the picture of Prabhuji Maitreya Rudraabhayanandaji was glowing brilliantly. The aarti was going on and the light on the photograph increased tremendously the light moved  along the entire length of the picture finally stopping at His head taking the form of snake hood, none of us I feel was in a position to say or do anything for all we had was tears running down our cheeks.

I do not know if it was a reality or not but I saw Anne being protected by Prabhuji Maitreya Rudraabhayanandaji and she was smiling. As soon as aarti finished the lights vanished and room became normal.

I cried like I have never at the feet of Lord, Baba how foolish have I been in thinking otherwise, how can a God be wrong how can his messengers be wrong.

I am thankful to Nikki and Maa Deviji for changing my life and since my knowledge of computers is very poor I am forcing Nikki to type and post what I can call a moment with God Himself.



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