True Seeker

The true seeker sincerely walks on the way shown by the Guru and functions in the world with the understanding that the spark is within him and the same Divine spark is there within all the creation. Though in the beginning the belief will be on a shaky ground, slowly the faith emerges and strengthens the belief of the Spark within. This spiritual awakening allows one to serve, help, and be kind to all life forces within the universe. This is a way of worship, a worship of the light within that creates the same light within other life forms. The light one carries is the force that connects one a spiritual as well as a life filled with compassion and kindness. Light within makes one of a Spirit form while the serving makes one gain a form, these two are not against each other but they work towards making one complete in all ways. ~ His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji

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