Spiritual workshops -Sessions on healing , stress management , increasing focus and productivity to advanced level dikshas like RaAl , Anantha Yoga for the serious spiritual practitoners take place at various centres in NCR , Bangalore and Chennai . Various programs are especially designed around corporates , school students ,caregivers and homemakers. Online meditations are conducted over the year which give practitioners a very deep understanding and experience of expansion within , this is possible through the grace of the Guru and the lineage.

Mahashunya Kriya 

Among many other techniques that help the seekers in a manifold way.

Sri Maitreya ji says,”Manushya, the term, has its origin in two words – one ‘Mana’ meaning manas (heart+brain) and second being ‘Isa’ meaning the process of transcending. When the realization of this word occurs, the man in the form understands the real purpose of life and grows beyond to be Manav or humane.” Mahashunya Kriya is the divine Sadhana developed by Sri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji, of which the first step is Ananth Dhyan Yoga. It is a four level course for sadhakas, disciples and all individuals. It works at three levels – Mind, Body and Soul. Mahashunya Kriya, if practised with sincere efforts, allows a person to go into the state of Samadhi.

The first step, Ananth Yoga, helps sadhakas in rising above the material world and desires while giving them the strength and balance to fulfill their worldly responsibilities with happiness and joy. It reduces stress and helps the sadhaka lead a balanced life .


RaAl means ‘The Way Of Light . It is world’s oldest body of spiritual wisdom emerging from the cosmic light forces of the Divine spark.It’s the most sacred Diksha which can be gained only from the Grace of the Divine lineage . It is a way and process of connecting and awakening to the source of creation itself with pure energy . RaAl is a simple,active and prayerful meditation done for 15-20 mins twice a day allowing one to expand in the most beautiful manner giving joy , bliss and deep healing and rejuvenation and body , mind and spirit . 

If there is one thing to be done in life which is perfection in itself and will make one evolve at all levels , removing the baggage of conditions which one carries within, then this the one diksha one must strive for.

Svara Vijnana

Svara Vijnana is the most primordial science that allows one to connect to the subtle essence of nasal breathing, mental breathing and balancing of the brain. This science allows one to balance the body, mind, emotion and Heart in such a manner that allows one to dissolve the karmic issues. The core of this ancient practice has many sources, few of the prominently known source are ‘Shiva- Svarodaya Sastra’ ‘ Shiva Svarodaya Cittamani’