Akshara Prakalpa is a wholesome and unique program developed specifically for underprivileged children.

The program works by focusing on the child along with the family and the community they are nurtured in towards providing holistic training program for development of BMS (Body, Mind, Spirit). Touch the core of the child and in turn, you will touch the core of the family unit which helps you reach out to the society and ultimately what you witness is a successful, confident, contributing, responsible child and society.

Medical Camps and medical aid for the under-privileged – Heath Check ups , eye check up camps held at regular intervals . Chemotherapy medicine provided for cancer patients.Rehablitation and support to leprosy patients and their families .

Food kitchens and Annadaan are a very integral part of Soul Searchers. 

Distribution of Necessities such as blankets in cold weather , clothes and other items is organised at various times through the year and also as a part of calamity relief.

Sponsoring academics for deserving poor students

Covid Relief Initiatives 

Since beginning of April last year Soul Searchers has been providing succour and solace to many displaced and jobless families in form of rations , food kitchens ,annadaan and essential supplies . The efforts continue till date.