Soul Searchers – The Inception

In 1996, Sri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji formed Soul Searchers, a centre for service, social initiatives, teaching spiritual methods to seekers of who truly wish to learn and transform.

Seekers have claimed that they have experienced physical and emotional healing. He has developed more than 2000 meditation techniques and over 20 programs covering various fields at the Body, Mind and Soul levels. Many of these techniques have been covered in various books and are studied at prestigious academic institutions like Oxford University.

Soul Searchers under his guidance has become a refuge to many. Lives have been transformed at all levels; education sponsorship , disaster relief , medical camps , distribution of essential commodities, meditation and stress relief programs, holistic healing programs have been a constant way of reaching out to support and serve all those who are in need .


Purpose of Soul Searchers is to work on the expansion of consciousness of society at large . A vision of beautiful, loving and empathetic society which is entirely possible because of the tools Maitreya ji has to give; these ways have been given to him by the most Divine Lineage Of Light . These dikshas can work on a person in the most wonderful manner breaking down even the most burdensome and rigid conditions that he carries within himself making rediscover the purity and endless love that was always lay there . He believes that only when humans become humane will there will be more of love and less of religion ,creating unnecessary divide and resulting strife .

His Holiness Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji  teaches one to practically rise above ‘I’, ‘Me’, ‘Myself’ and ‘Mine’ and serve others unconditionally. It is a way of life that one learns here. He says ‘ Always have something to give , that way you will never be alone ‘

Contemplation and Caring 

Human transformation is possible with unconditional love.Sri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji’s Dikshas in ancient disciplines of meditation, kundalini and healing bring about this transformation in the seekers which helps them touch their own cores of truth and light. Introductory Diksha sessions and meditation programs of various levels are held .These dikshas help the recipients to understand the links between body, mind, emotion, intellectual and spiritual levels. This helps them reduce stress levels, find peace and solace within, heal health issues and rid themselves of unnecessary baggage. These shivirs lead to basic and advanced Diksha levels in Mahashunya Kriya (beginning with Ananth Yoga),RaAl , Svara Vanjana and Caitya Yoga among others. His discourses help people in finding answers in life and understand life itself better.

Community welfare activities are integral to Soul Searchers. Maitreya Rudrabhayananda ji has led by example the value of serving others selflessly and unconditionally. Soul Searchers organises food distribution programs, medical camps, calamity relief , literacy programs for all. Soul Searchers have been extending support to orphan, blind, lepers and daily wagers on a regular basis. His Holiness says, “What humanity needs today is a transformed lifestyle and not pills for headache and constipation”.

Soul Searchers noble mission is to catalyze transformation in man from animalistic instinct to Divinity.

The Mission – applicable to individuals who are essential units of a group with a common cause

1. Be Humane – Only when one inculcates humaneness and empathy within can one become human. Becoming truly human, one realises the Spark of Light within.

2. Service – When each individual meditates, performs contemplation and self-introspection, s/he is able to expand from within with the grace and blessings of revered Master to serve humanity unconditionally.

3. Peace – Knowing one’s own true self helps in finding peace within. This is what helps the individual evolve to a higher purpose beyond himself , to serve with love and compassion and to ease suffering in the world around him .

4. The Light within – Inner core of each individual on this earth is filled with with the same spark of light which is our common truth waiting to be discovered. A true Guru can help one realise this beauty within. Once a person realises this truth, s/he naturally expands and realises that the world can be transformed and healed thus. It is a wonderful vision that can be realised and we can all share in this dream of restoring this world back into place of purity and joy .