Raál meditation offers simple methods to gain unlimited spiritual energy and connection to the supreme consciousness. A truth that allows one to grow spiritually , for without connection to supreme consciousness, one shall feel that there is a missing link. Following simple techniques and practical advice you will learn how it is possible to tap into the source code of reality.  ~ Maitreya

Raál Practitioners

I received Raál Diksha Jan 2021. My experience with Raál has been that I have seen myself developing a calmer demeanour and willingness to let go of situations, people, and habits that no longer serve a purpose in my life. I have seen myself becoming open to new experiences and be less apprehensive about what is going to happen in the immediate future.
Vaibhav Ji
I was initiated into Raál in Jan 2021. I am doing Raál in the morning and before I go to bed. During the day when I have enough time and am alone, I do it mentally. I start the day at 5.30 am and am back by 6.15p.m. So, I do group Raál wearing headphones. The changes are Positive. All the unwanted things and people have moved away from my life and am entering and elevating slowly in spiritual path. Thanks to Guruji and the SoulSearchers team Thank you
Ravichandran Ji
My name is Geetha Sankaran, I am a disciple of Raàl since Jan 2021. In the year 2002 I had health complications leading to brain surgery but prior to the surgery, I was an independent, working woman. Since I have started Raàl, I have experienced so many changes. I have more energy in me, which includes the fact I can do more household work and there is more strength in my hands, this strength is experienced for the first time after 19 years, post brain surgery and I have become a stronger person and I'm now more vocal about it. My health has improved in many spheres, the change which I never expected. I thank our lineage and Guru Maitreya ji for blessings.
Geeta Ji
I learnt Raál few years ago from Maitreyaji. I have been practicing breathing techniques and meditation by Maitreyaji all through the year like Awakening series, Sivarathri series etc. This set of meditation and breathing has helped me cope with the anxiety and stress caused due to professional and personal life. During the COVID lockdown I had a phase of panic attack in my personal life and sleepless nights. I was suffering from imbalance for at least a month without been able to visit a doctor. Sureethakka with the grace of Maitreyaji helped me to focus on Raál. I practiced Raál twice a day for a month. I was able to gain strength, have positive and clarity of thoughts. My health condition imbalance is better now and in the right direction of progress. By the grace of Almighty and Maitreyaji I wish many more reap the benefits of Raál.
Natanasabai Ji
I wanted to share a recent experience while traveling abroad. I arrived at my destination a couple weeks back with a bad sinus attack; blocked ears, debilitating headaches and extreme congestion. Went into a bit of panic because this is in normal circumstances would need at least a week of treatment. After talking one dose of SOS medication, I started the self-healing which Guruji has taught on the Raál practitioners group and requested all members for healing. It was amazing the way I came out of it in a day ... just remnants of it the next day. Deep gratitude to Maitreya ji for all blessings and tools he is constantly giving us and to all the lovely people who sent me healing 🙏
Upasnaa Ji
It's a blessing in this life time with Raál initiation. Naturally connecting to the core to evolve in the Caitya path is really a beautiful journey under Maitreyaji’s Grace and guidance. Our understanding may be miniscule at Grossest level. But still always Wow on practicing as it helps in shedding accumulated layers, emotional balancing, travel within naturally etc... May we always with all your blessing in the Caitya path continue further in depth to evolve and keep sharing in the lineage path with reverence. Thank you for amazing power of Raál 🙏
Sudha Ji
Namaskar, I want share the medical relief that I got due to Raál practice. Firstly, I am thankful for the opportunity given to us for learning Raál meditation sequences. I had heel pain (plantar fasciitis) for close to 6 years, I used allopathic medicines for some time and later Homeopathic medicines for some time. As per doctor’s advice I was not doing any sports activities even jogging etc. so that it will not put pressure on tissues. As part of Raál healing meditations that I have been doing I am relieved of the pain completely and I am able to run without any pain. I noticed yesterday to my surprise when I started to run with my kids, I did not feel any pain in the heels. To me, this is a great relief 🙏. Thank you Maitreya ji and the lineage for your Grace.
Rama Naidu Ji
We have been doing RaÁl meditations regularly in Bangalore. At the energy level, when we connect through Raál there is an inner strength which you connect to, which helps one face issues which one normally gets stressed with. As always, our gratitude and pranams to Maitreya ji for teaching us step by step!
Sreekumar Ji
Just wanted to share my experiences as a Raál practitioner for the past 15 months...I have observed that things happen in a very natural way bringing the right people together in sync with the universal consciousness. We founded a digital health startup a couple of years ago and gained good traction and recently got our first strategic investor on as well. I could feel the spiritual connection with our associates. Thank you Maitreya ji, for this wonderful experience and initiation.
Sharmila Ji
Raál is like magic to me. You don't think such things really exist, until your own body shows you things which you never thought it could do before. It's almost like you're a box of surprises and undiscovered talents, and Raál is the first step towards opening this box. To sum it up, I'm having Potter vibes 🙂
Akshaya Ji
I was searching for spiritual guidance in 2011 and it was pure Grace of Divine that led me to SoulSearchers and Maitreyaji’s teachings. The formless had taken form and my seeking ended. I felt completely at peace knowing Divine was guiding internally and externally. The next few years were filled with mystical and magical experiences and felt truly guided by an invisible hand leading me to finally receive Raál Diksha from Maitreyaji. Practicing Raál regularly and learning deeper aspects from Maitreyaji over the years has enriched my life so much. Raál is a wonderful prayer like meditation that has opened up a way to experience the Blessings and Love of Divine in every moment of life simply by the Grace of Maitreya. It fills one with inexplicable strength, joy and calmness. The Grace of the Lineage and Divine miraculously has brought me to this beautiful path of Caitya. It is truly a Divine way of Atmabodh for seekers to walk the path of self-realization in a very simple and natural manner. So very grateful and amazed by the instant connection to our inner conscious and energy the Raál prayers give us. The expanse is infinite and the journey brings about an unbelievable and subtle zeal and zest to life! Being able to share it with others after Raál teachers training is a humbling experience. Learning Raál from Maitreyaji has completely transformed my world and Life. The best part is knowing we are all always under a Divine Umbrella and experiencing the many, many blessings with my loved ones every day in all aspects of life. Thank you so much!
Sureetha Ji
My experience practicing Raál from 2017 with the Grace of Guruji is that I have become calm. I find a solution for most problems. It has helped me prioritize activities. Feel a sense of being protected always. Know for sure there is a solution whenever I see a problem.
Anjali Ji
Namaskar! I learned Raál from Gurudev in 2016 and it is slowly making me a more humane human being.
Radhesh Chandran Nair
Pranams to Maitreya ji. With the Grace and blessings of Maitreyaji and the Divine lineage, I was initiated into Raál meditation in 2016. Since then, I have been a Raál practitioner. Raál has helped me immensely to cross the difficult roads in my life and not only that, also blessed me gracefully cross those times of crisis until today. Among the countless benefits and blessings, including healing, guidance, protection and evolution, I am also learning the Art of Surrendering, my problems, worries, situations, sometimes even people and so the acceptance patience, tolerance and forgiveness becomes natural without much struggle. I am still in the path of evolution.... But I feel with Raál practice, I feel connected, guided, protected and that everything is taken care by HIM. With gratitude always
Sharmila Ji
Guruji’s diksha of Raál, teachings and blessings have helped me navigate life with fearlessness and positivity. I feel blessed to be under a divine umbrella that not only protects me but also my loved ones. I feel my anxiety has lessened, I am learning to follow my instincts, obstacles get cleared. Guruji and our Lineage’s Grace and Blessings are the ultimate precious gift I have had the privilege of receiving
Simi Saberwal Sud Ji
Namaskar, my husband and I learned Raál in 2018. We feel like Raál is showing the correct path. We have met Guruji 2 times. Till the last moment we were not sure about that trip. But somehow everything happened in such a way to get His blessings Worries reduced and satisfaction is there in everything. We are feeling the connection easily with continuous practice. We feel like we are being under his guidance for many years.
Nathiba Anantharavi Ji & Thillainathan Anantharavi Ji
Sri Lanka
I have been practicing Raál for the last 6 months now. I am able to sleep better. Raál helped me to connect deeper during meditation.
Kamala Ji
I want to share My Raál Experience. Initially I wasn’t able to feel or understand, also I wasn’t practicing regularly. As my practice became regular, I started feeling more. 1. My physical n mental health made progress. I used to suffer from very bad hives and with Guru’s grace the attacks have reduced tremendously. 2. Accepting situations as it is, is something I am able to do now. 3. No more blame games: if I fail, I know it’s me and not due to others. 4. Able to pause and relish moments, be it with nature or people. 5. Sense of smell has heightened. 6. Able to balance my mind after some time when a turbulence takes place. What is that I haven't learnt from my Master? I have learnt to live my life. My perspective changed, I have stopped blaming others for my failures, I have started appreciating people around me. My health improved, small things please me, have more satisfactory feeling, subtle changes but dynamic feelings. I am able to handle some situations better than before, I am so grateful that Maitreyaji’s blessings have enriched my life. Right from the time I met Guru ji, I knew it’s HIM n HIM only, grateful to having a living Satguru, guiding me n being there for me & for my family, I hope to be a worthy disciple & whatever I do or say is insufficient. Always Grateful,
Jayamoni Patmanathan Ji
Raál Meditation: It was very peaceful and relaxing experience for me.
Mohammad Barry Ji
Practicing Raál, I have been able to breathe deeply, focus and banish thoughts, feel a sense of calmness and peace.
Ashok Ji
I have been very fortunate to be under the blessings of Maitreyaji. There was a time when I was lost and a vacuum was in my life after I lost my husband. I was looking for someone to guide me and show me the path. Then came Shree ji and first introduced me to Svara Vijnana, which I found difficult to follow and then I met Guruji. I knew that very moment that I have found the person I am looking for. Then everything fell in place. Guruji taught us Raál which was so simple and so powerful we can actually get connected. Raál makes you strong, helps you make decisions, most important you are happy and feel very blessed. Many miracles happened with me small and big. Whenever I had trouble or in a mess I would call or message and he will indirectly show me the path, and say now, figure it out. He made me independent. Thank you, thank you, thank you Maitreyaji for always being with me and always protecting and guiding me and always being there for me. I am truly blessed. Pranam. Thank you is a very small word Maitreyaji.
Kanchan Ji
Raál has become so special for me now. Whenever I hear the slightest mention of it, feelings of warmth, comfort and familiarity take over me. I guess the best way to put it is, it feels like home to me. My safe space. My haven. What started as a series of movement and rote learning various chants to coincide with each movement, has now turned into this effortless experience which is nothing short of magic. After our Raál 2 initiation we're all feeling it. I've experienced a different level of functioning of the human body which I would've never known to be true if it wasn't for Guruji's initiation. We've noticed our heart's behaving involuntarily, our food digest involuntarily, but the physical body, aka the skeletal muscles have never moved involuntarily, and even if they do, it's considered to be a serious medical condition from our limited scientific understanding. But whenever I sit for Raál now, believe me, my hands move without prior instructions from my brain. They start moving around in these Sufi-like mannerisms, and I can't control them or will them to go into the positions I choose. It's in moments like these that I feel so closely connected to the divine force. It's almost as if, I'm being blessed with a live tour guide to take me through the session. And once I get in, I'm transported to this inner universe of energy fields, patterns and color that is hard to come out of. Now you would think, that something this extraordinary, it's totally opening up this fast track, HD communication link with the divine. But the reality is, it's so very subtle. The interaction, the guidance, the process: It's never overwhelming. It's a hologram of the universe that we live in. It is Subtle, patient and never in a hurry to reveal itself entirely.
Akshaya Sairam Ji
I was introduced to RAÁL by my teacher Mrs.. Padma Menon. I had a lot of emotional and health issues and used to talk to her about it. She spoke to me about RAÁL meditation. She told me how the meditation helped her be calmer and also enabled her to see things in a different light. I went through the course with Mrs.. Menon. It was not easy at the beginning as my mind was so unsettled and jumbled. But as time went by it became easier. Now I am able to sit and concentrate for a longer period of time. I am able to handle this pandemic better able to perform well in my work. I am better equipped at sorting out my issues and also have the ability to see things clearly. I have learnt to focus on issues that are in my area of concern and ignore those that are not in my area of concern. Whenever I feel suffocated, I sit down and call out to Isalac to clear my mind and awaken me. After that I can actually come up with a solution for that issue.
Sumangala Ji
I completed my meditation course within 7 sessions, 7 consecutive days in 2021. Throughout the course, I have learnt and gained more experiences on the techniques of different types of meditations and their benefits. Further, our instructor, Mrs. Menon was friendly and professional too. As a result of this meditation course, I now can control my anger well. Whenever I feel pain or body ache, I will do the meditation which helps in the healing. Moreover, this meditation aids me to stay focused on the things I do. I have also felt harmony and peace at home as I do this meditation. Altogether, it was a wonderful learning experience. Hereby, I would also like to send my heartfelt gratitude to Guru Maitreya for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this journey. Thank you again to each and every one who has travelled with me through this journey.
Easwari Ji
A few months ago, I was initiated to Raál meditation. I find it simple to do and useful in my everyday life. Being more balanced emotionally and a positive attitude. The relations in my family and communication are more harmonious. Recently while watching TV (a football match) I was very emotional. Automatically the palms were placed on the knees and got activated followed by a flow of energy between them helping to restore emotional balance. Thank you Maitreya ji and SoulSearchers teachers for initiation, guidance, blessings and grace.
Juljan Dalpaj Ji